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Wednesday Night Beer Can Races will start May 5

Date              Start                                       Race

May 8       Noon                              Spring Series (3 races)                

May 22      Noon                             Spring Series part 2 (3 races)

June 12      Sun. ( Noon)                  Opening day (3 races)     

June 25     Sat. (11am)                    Southern Crossing (24 miles)*

June 26     Sun.                                So. Xing Awards Banquet

July  6       Wed. (6PM)                   Intergalactic Beer Can Race


July 17       Sun. (Noon)                Commodore cup (mid distance)*

July 24      Sun. (Noon)                 Ladies Day     (3 races)  

July 30      TBA                               Tahoe Blue (Moor 24)

July 31      TBA                               Tahoe Blue

August 7     Sun. (Noon)              Double Handed (3 races)*

Aug. 14        Sun.(Noon)               Kent Bourne (mid distance) *

Aug. 21      Sun.(noon)                 Single Handed (3 races)

Aug. 27      Sat. (Noon)                WYC Perpetual (1st day, 3 races) 

Aug 28       Sun. (Noon)             WYC Perpetual (2nd day, 2 races)*

Sept. 11     Sun. (Noon)              Hildinger Cup  (3 races)

Sept. 25     Sun. (Noon)             Fannette Island (Long dist)*

There will be a "Non Spinnaker Division" or a handicap adjustment for those boats racing without a spinnaker for all races except one design.

(*) These (6)  races count toward the TAHOE CUP with one throw out.


The Tahoe Cup is an award to recognize the best performing boat of the season. An eligible boat must be sailed by itís primary owner (s)/skipper, or on occasions, a member of the regular crew that sails on the boat. Owner/Skipper or designated crew (who is a regular WYC member) must drive the start, finish, and 50 percent of the sailing time in each race. The Tahoe Cup will use the low point system with one throw out. Each yachtís finishing position in each of the TC events will be added together to make up a total score. A contestant serving as RC officer in a TC event will receive their average points earned from the other TC races throughout the season (excluding throw-out, one time only) for that race. In the case of a tie, the first tie-breaker will be to put one who has served as RC ahead of one who has not by a half point. This changes RRS A8. All competitors should serve as RC for a scheduled Regatta or for one month of timed Beer Can Racing.