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Event: _______________________ Date_________

Skipper: ____________________ Member of________________ YC

Boat Name:____________________ Sail Number:______________

Type of Boat:___________________, Length: _____ft,

SO. CAL. PHRF___________, VHF Marine Radio:_______

Entry fee paid $_______. If not member of USSAIL ad $5 fee: Total:$______

Boat liability insurance in affect: Yes____No____


In consideration of Lake Tahoe Windjammers YCís (WYC) acceptance of my entry in the above named racing event I agree as follows:

My yacht will be equipped to conform to the USCG safety requirements and in addition I will carry marine VHF radio, a boarding ladder long enough so that the bottom rung will extend below the water surface by one foot, or I will carry a "Life Sling" type device to aid in recovery of a person overboard.

I agree to comply with rules and sailing instructions governing this race.

For myself and my heirs, I wave all claims, release and hold harmless WYC Inc., management, officers, agents and committee persons from any liability for any personal injury to myself or my crew and/or any property damage arising out of or related to the race or the use of WYC facilities, including claims for negligence or attorney fees.

I acknowledge that I am entering this race at my own risk, and it is my sole responsibility to decide weather or not to start or to continue racing.

I own or chartered the yacht entered and I am member of a Yacht club sanctioned by USSAIL.

By signing below, I represent that I have carefully read, understand and agree to the foregoing terms.


________________________________ _____________

Signature Date