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From theCommodore ;

I love living in Tahoe and sometimes I have a day that reminds me why.  Such a day happened a couple of weeks ago when on a bright, beautiful, crisp, February Sunday, Russ and I sailed to Emerald Bay with Jim Hildinger on Cadenza.  The sky was blue, the air temperature in the high 30’s and the wind blew 10 to 15 from the southwest.  Jim picked us up at the Camp Richardson dock and we headed to Emerald Bay.  After tacking through the channel and down the bay, we dropped sails and pulled up to the Vikingsholm dock.  Sadly the water level is still very low and the dock could only accommodate one Catalina 27, so Eric Vindum, who was single handing his boat, Myrna J, rafted up to us.  Eric then joined us on Cadenza for lunch and good cheer.  Jim in his classy way served sherry (in proper sherry glasses) as a treat. 

This beautiful afternoon made me miss winter sailing on the lake and my old Catalina 27.  But since we must give up some things to achieve others, Russ and I are busily readying Zephyra for the ocean. Our ketch, Zephyra, freezes in the canal every winter so we are anxiously waiting for spring to sail her again. 

The Windjammer board and committees have been busy gearing up for the new season.  We have a very active race committee that has put together a full schedule with many special events.  Thanks to our Rear Commodore, Kurt, all our major races are listed in the 2005 Northern California Sailing Calendar put out by the YRA.  Plans for exciting meetings and cruises are also in the works.

The year kicks off with the Oyster Stew party and membership drive on March 18th at the home of Ross and Doris Groelz.  This meeting is the perfect opportunity to find out what’s happening, sign up for committee boat and other activities.  We are also looking for volunteers to take out the junior boat on Wednesday nights and various other times and help train our future generation of sailors.  Please let us know how you would like to be involved.  It is also a great time to recruit new members, so invite friends and acquaintances that have expressed interest in sailing to check out your yacht club.  Be sure to make your reservation for this fun party.  I look forward to seeing all my sailing friends.   

From the Rear Commodore:

What can a rear commodore say about sailing when it is the middle of February? Not much, I guess.

The skiing has been awesome this season so far. I can’t remember a time like this when you could ski just about anywhere on the mountain at Heavenly. The trail markers are really just sort of guidelines at this point. There is a foot of powder falling every night and the days are crystal clear…

The truth is that the Windjammer Executive Board, The WYC Race Committee, the Southern Crossing Race Committee and the Tahoe Blue Regatta Race Committee have all been meeting regularly to sort out details of the various events that we are undertaking this year. More committee work is going on now than at any other time during the year. It will be a fulfilling thing to see our efforts come to fruition.

This year we have not just the usual one, but two big regattas coming to town. The Southern Crossing will be held on June 25th with all boats welcome to participate. There will be a Trophy Presentation and brunch held at The Cantina on June 26th. This is always a good contest and has a fabulous perpetual trophy for the winner to keep for a year. In addition, there is a large non-spinnaker class that has proven to be just as formidable and sometimes more persistent than the spinnaker fleet. A little comfort for a long day of racing can be a good thing. While some crews are contorting to reach that last bottle of water, others are blending up the last of the frozen daiquiris.

After a thought like that I may need a backrub…

But I digress.

The new big event is the Annual Tahoe Blue One Design Regatta. This year we are hosting Moore 24’s exclusively. In the future we may host larger classes or even a multi- class event. Brian Goepfrich is Race Chairman and we on the race committee are buzzing with the idea of holding a first class race. Don Newman has volunteered to be arbitrator in case of any protests that make it all the way to shore (so do your turns, boys and girl). We do need help of all kinds from the rest of the club to pull this off right. Anything from tow boats to take them from Camp Rich to Stateline on Saturday and Sunday mornings, to T-shirt design to Trophy selection to directing traffic at the hoist to running the hoist to helping with the dinner at CR Saturday night to taking pictures, etc. There are also numerous race committee jobs available. Please consider spending the time and having some fun as well.


The Tahoe Cup is an award to recognize the best performing boat of the season. An eligible boat must be sailed by it’s primary owner (s)/skipper, or on occasions, a member of the regular crew that sails on the boat. Owner/Skipper or designated crew (who is a regular WYC member) must drive the start, finish, and 50 percent of the sailing time in each race. The Tahoe Cup will use the low point system with one throw out. Each yacht’s finishing position in each of the TC events will be added together to make up a total score. A contestant serving as RC officer in a TC event will receive their average points earned from the other TC races throughout the season (excluding throw-out, one time only) for that race. In the case of a tie, the first tie-breaker will be to put one who has served as RC ahead of one who has not by a half point. This changes RRS A8. All competitors should serve as RC for a scheduled Regatta or for one month of timed Beer Can Racing.




Lake Tahoe Windjammers Race Schedule 2005      

May 8  Noon  Spring Series (part 1)  3 Races


May 22  Noon  Spring Series (part 2)  3 Races


June 12  Noon  Opening Day  3 Races 

  June 18/19  Fathers Day Campout


  June 25           11am  Southern Crossing*  Long Distance 

  July 6  6 pm  Intergalactic Beer Can  Race 

  July 9    Noon  Trans Tahoe – North Shore  Long Distance    July 17  Noon  Commodore Cup*  Mid Distance  July 24              Noon  Ladies Day   3 Races 


  July 30,  TBA  Tahoe Blue (Moore24)  3 Races,

       31  TBA  more races

  August 7  Noon  Double Handed*  3 Races 

August 14  Noon  Kent Bourne*  Mid Distance 

August 21       Noon  Single Handed  Mid Distance 

August 27,28 Noon  Perpetual*  5 Races  September 11 Noon  Hildinger Cup One Design     3 Races 

September 25 Noon  Fannette Island*  Long Distance


There will be a “Non-Spinnaker division” or a handicap adjustment for boats without spinnakers for all races except one designs.


Races marked with * are included in the Tahoe Cup series.


                 FIRST AID KIT AFLOAT

                       By: Vic Beelik

We talk about safe boating, but very seldom do we address the basic medical emergency kit that every boat should have aboard. Planning ahead and anticipating medical emergencies should be part of getting your boat ready for the sailing  season.

Every vessel should have a FIRST AID KIT aboard. Medical problems regarded as routine ashore may prove to be more serious when a boat is even a couple of hours from land where help is as close as your telephone. Offshore, immediate care must be provided by those aboard since considerable time may elapse before expert medical assistance is available.

The following list should serve as a starter kit:


       10          1X3 inch bandage                                    1 tube         triple antibiotic cream

       10                            ¾ X 3 inch bandage                          6                       pain relief tablets

       10                            3/8 X 1.5 inch bandage                      2 pair                rubber gloves

       10                            1 inch dia. spot bandage                    1 roll                adhesive tape

       6                              butterfly bandage                             2                       tongue depressor

      10                             2X2 inch 12 ply gauze pads               1                       medical scissors

      10                             4X4 inch  12 ply gauze pads              1               medical tweezers & magnifier

       3                              antiseptic wipes                               1                re-sealable ice bag

       3                              cooling burn gel packs                      1            Sawyer extractor (bee sting etc.)

       1                              cortisone cream 1%                   2            Eyedropper / eyewash

       1 set                        “Sam splints” (36x4 inch)                   1            Arm sling

       2                             “Instant Cold pack” (Conney safety products Inc.)

       1                             First Aid Book (*)

Text Box: Motion sickness prevention remedies:
Frequent reason for “failure” of these anti motion medication is waiting until symptoms appear before utilizing the prevention. Anti sea-sick medication should be administered at least one to two hours before leaving the dock. Some popular remedies are:
                     Dramamine                     Bonine                     Scopolamine Transderm patches                     Relief band


 The best offshore first aid remedy is to invite a doctor to be your shipmate!

 For a longer offshore cruise one has to consider the treatment of burns, severe fractures, damage to the eye and problems with teeth and                             ear. If there is no doctor aboard, contact the nearest medical facility via the Coast Guard or HAM radio for advice.

Prolonged sea sickness might be treated with rectal suppositories. If sea sickness prevails seek medical advice. Burns caused by accidents in   he galley or in the engine room should be anticipated and methods of treatment be studied.

Crew members should be questioned as to allergies to medicine or food. They should inform their skipper of their illness and medication   schedule and they must bring an adequate supply of special medications they need, for a prolonged time.

Seek the advice of a physician as to what prescription drugs, such as antibiotics, pain killers, allergies etc. that should be included in your off      shore medical kit. Ask him for a prescription for the drugs needed.

Dental emergencies deserve a separate first aid kit. Your dentist is a great source for information and advice of how to treat common tooth   related problems which might even include the loss of a tooth. A description of a dental emergency kit is available on the web at:


 Remember, you the skipper, has the responsibility to look out for your crew and control all medications on board.

 (*) First aid books:

“Advanced First Aid Afloat”   by Peter Eastman

“Manual of Medical Self Sufficiency at Sea”    by Michael H. Beilan

“Onboard Medical Guide”    by G. Gill

“Wilderness & Marine Medicine”  by Eric Weiss


 I would like to thank Dr. Al Jones for his help in writing this article.




   Cruise Schedule  2005

We will try to arrange the Fathers’ Day Camp Out at Emerald Bay again this year as this has become a tradition with the club.   Emerald Bay Camp Ground does not open to the public until July, but we will give it our best shot.!

We are also going to try a couple of new things this year to see how they work out

One will be  Full Moon Overnighters’ at Emerald Bay.   Anyone interested should let us know and we will phone around each month, a day or so before to check up on you .   If we can’t all get buoys, then perhaps we can anchor up in the northeast corner.

The other idea is that on Saturday nights,  (each week, weather permitting),  we will gather together at Taylor Creek  -  no  organised potlucks or anything like that – just friends together.   It’s not far for anyone and it’s so nice to wake up at anchor on a Sunday morning.

June 19  Hopefully Emerald Bay

July 8 & 9  Sugarpine

Aug 20 & 21  Skunk Harbour

Oct 1  Rubicon

Michael and Pamela Adamson.            543-0233







DATE:                   MEMBER SINCE :______________  


NAME:                                                                                PHONE:                                


SPOUSE'S NAME:                                                            

MAILING ADDRESS:_______________________                                                     

CITY/STATE:                                                                      ZIP:                                   

FAX:______________    E-MAIL:  _________________ 

BOAT NAME:____________  MAKE & MODEL: __________                                           




INSURANCE CO: ________________      POLICY #:  __________ 


  REGULAR:  $70.00 X    = $ 

  ASSOCIATE:  $35.00 X    = $ 

  JUNIOR:  $20.00 X  = $ 


  TOTAL:      $                 

INFORMATION PHONE: (530) 542-1550

MEMBERSHIP: Howard Stevens (775) 972-5487


  P.O. BOX 10466

  SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, CA 96158-3466




Friday March 18th.

6:30 PM




2163 White Sands

$10.00 BYOB

(Please no red wine)


CALL (530) 542-1550 or 544-5655 TO




Commodore  Debbie Noorda 530-541-3516

Vice Commodore  Ray Wilson 530-544-5655

Rear Commodore  Kurt Rasmussen 530-541-1129

Secretary  Julie Parker 530-577-3250

Treasurer  Michelle Langlois 530-544-0622


Member-At-Large/  Don Newman  530-542-3641


Past Commodore  Lynn Wright 530-544-1482


Cruising   Pam & Michael Adamson 530-543-0233

Membership  Howard Stevens 775-972-5487

Publicity/Junior  Diane Martin (530) 541-5638

Webmaster  Vic Beelik 775-588-1385












































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