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Program Director: Glenn Barclay

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The Windjammers Yacht Club Juniors sailing director, Glenn Barclay, initiated the WYC Juniors program during the 1994 summer season. Glenn spotted a Pearson 26, badly in need of repair, in the shipyard of the Tahoe Keys Marina. He approached the owner of the marina, Ray Carreou, and asked him if he would donate the boat to the WYC Juniors program. Ray, who has always been supportive to sailors on Tahoe, not only donated the boat, but also gave a slip to moor the boat.

It took Glenn the rest of the season, working all the spare time he had, to completely overhaul and restore the "old lady". North Sails in Minden, donated a new set of sails and a spinnaker. With the club’s support the newly restored boat renamed as "Wings" was launched the following May. "WINGS" welcomed 5 eager youngsters that summer for their first sail.

Since that memorable day, Glenn and the "Kids" (10 to 16) have been on the lake during the summer months training and racing in all WYC races. Who knows? Maybe, one day we will see an Olympic Sailing Gold Medallist that will tell the world that he was introduced to sailing on Lake Tahoe!

Glenn Barclay resigned his position in 2004. Willie Tenney assumed the position as Director of the Junior program in 2004. He can be contacted:


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